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Nursing care in Braymer

Modern life tends to pull people in a million different directions. If you're faced with caring for your own children and supporting elderly parents simultaneously, you know this all too well. If you're about to collapse under the strain, there is help at Golden Age Nursing Home. We are a family-oriented nursing care facility offering comprehensive medical care on-site in a smaller, more personal setting. Call or visit our home at 12498 SE Highway 116 in Braymer, MO to see what we're all about.
Geriatric care with nurse and happy senior woman in a wheelchair

We'll get them back on their feet

It's a proven fact that as you get older, you don't recover as quickly from surgery or injury. Golden Age Nursing Home can give your parent or grandparent the rehabilitative care they need on-site, including X-rays, lab draws, physical therapy and psychotherapy.

The eyes have it

If there's one thing residents of Golden Age Nursing Home look forward to most, it's seeing their grandkids.   Your loved one will be able to see them brightly and clearly with proper eyeglass prescriptions and preventive eye care.

Healthy mind, healthy life 

Golden Age Nursing Home knows that depression is common among nursing home residents. We strive to prevent mental health problems from compromising our residents' well-being with on-site psychiatric care. Can the other nursing home say the same? 


Our team offers various types of practical therapy to improve and maintain quality of life. This includes occupational, physical, and speech therapy when needed, in addition to our mental health partners outlined below.

Wound care

Golden Age Nursing Home can handle most wounds within our staff. However, for the best possible treatment, we can also work with our local mobile wounds unit to come and address specific wounds as needed.


Our team believes in total wellness, including mental health. We partner with a psychiatrist via Skype to regularly work with patients and their liaison as needed.


When was the last time you had your eyes checked for vision or disease? At Golden Age Nursing Home, we can take you to the optometrist of your choice.  


We believe in preventative care in addition to rehab post-injury. A local podiatrist visits Golden Age Nursing Home and checks in with our residents to help maintain mobility.


We keep residents engaged with stimulating activities twice each day. They include library time, nail and feet care, bingo, church services, and more.
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